TNA Impact Wrestling | Thursday 17th January 2012

ImpactThis is the final TNA Impact that we will see before the crew head to the UK for the Road to Lockdown tour, as the 24th January episode will not air until after the tour has ended.

Unfortunately, for those of us expecting some great in-ring action to sink our teeth into, the main focus of this show is the wedding of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan.

And we kick things off with Bully welcoming Little Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer as guests for his wedding. Here was me thinking Tommy was back in with WWE? Bully tries on the famous Dudley glasses. There’s a close-up of the wedding cake and it looks ripe for someone flying through it later on.

World Champion Jeff Hardy is out to thank the ‘Creatures’ for his win over Austin Aries and Bobby Roode at Genesis but here come Bad Influence to interrupt things. Daniels says that Jeff’s fans are not Creatures of the night but creatures of habit and that habit is losing.

Jeff wants to defend the title right now but Kaz and Daniels are having none of it and start the beatdown until James Storm makes the save. And we have ourselves an opening tag match, without the need for a plethora of ‘authority’ figures.

Jeff Hardy & ‘Cowboy’ James Storm vs. Bad Influence: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Storm and Hardy clear the ring before the commercial and we return to Hardy working on Kaz’s arm. The Cowboy gets caught in the wrong corner and clotheslined by Kaz before Daniels gets two with a neckbreaker.

Choking in the corner but Storm breaks free with a quick cradle for two. Daniels slaps on the Randall-Lock but Storm counters that with a side Russian legsweep and makes the tag to Jeff.

Hardy comes in like a house on fire and nails Kaz with his wishbone legdrop and the Whisper in the Wind for two. Daniels runs in and levels Hardy with an STO but Storm breaks that up and brawls to the outside with Daniels.

Kaz gets two with a cradle before Hardy hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere for the win.

Daniels comes back in and smashes Jeff in the mouth with the title belt after the bell.

Jeff Hardy & James Storm defeated Bad Influence at 11:49 when Hardy pinned Kazarian with a Twist of Fate

**3/4 – solid TV tag team match, which sets up the Daniels-Hardy match for next week’s show.

Backstage, Joseph Park thanks Bully for all he has done for him and wishes him well with his wedding.

Gut Check Segment

Brian Cage gets eliminated with little fanfare, despite having a particularly awesome wrestling name. Tazz gives Jay Bradley a no, which means he gets promo time. Al Snow gives him a yes, so it’s left to Brother Love to tell him ‘I Love You’ and welcome him to the TNA roster.

Christian York vs. Kenny King

These two had a controversial finish at Genesis so York takes it straight to King with a dive outside and some kicks. Back in the ring and King gets some wind with a spinkick but York floats over another attempt and into a back suplex.

York tries the Flush but King is too aware and rolls him up with a handful of tights for the three.

Kenny King pins Christian York at 2:57 with a handful of tights

**1/4 – these two made the most of the little time they had. York was annoyed at the PPV match and lost his focus. This could be a great lower card feud going forward.

Bully is neglecting to get ready for his wedding and is instead pleading with Sting to try and win the Hulkster over.

Sting is out to confront Hogan but Hulk doesn’t trust Bully but…he always does the right thing, brother!

Backstage again and Gail Kim is warning Taryn that she needs to buck her officiating up.

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

I honestly didn’t recognise Velvet. Gail dominates with chokes and kicks but a neckbreaker only gets two. Velvet retaliates with a sloppy suplex but Gail comes back with more choking and Eat Defeat but this time Taryn sees Velvet’s foot under the ropes.

The distraction allows Velvet to get her comeback with a bulldog, headscissors and a Pedigree into an X-Factor for the win.

Velvet Sky pins Gail Kim at 5:52 following the In Yo’ Face

1/4* – that was really sloppy in places and I’m presuming this transitions to Gail/Taryn feuding, whilst Velvet moves onto a Knockouts Title match.

Meanwhile, Dixie Carter is with Brooke and looks infinitely hotter than the bride.

The One-and-a-Half-Man Powertrip heads to the ring and they have a problem with all the champions in TNA and the wedding. This brings out Tag Champions ave Hernandez and Chavo to have their say and this leads to a mass brawl.

Sting is still pleading with Hogan backstage, whilst Tazz is acting all shifty around Spike, Dreamer and Bully, although they do take a nice side-swipe at Paul Heyman.

The Wedding of Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray

Hulk shows up to give Brooke away but won’t shake Bully’s hand. They exchange vows with Bully blubbering about stuff from the heart and Brooke babbling about getting married in a wrestling ring.

Just before he gets to kiss the bride, Tazz suddenly awakes, questions the whole thing and mentions that he’s hot, removing his jacket to reveal an Aces and Eights vest. Cue huge beatdown to end the show.

Summary: Far too much nonsense out of the ring and they didn’t really forward much. Daniels-Jeff should be a good match. They could do with putting the X-Division  Title in the King-York feud.

Something tells me Velvet might be getting the KO title soon and they need to put the tag belts on Aries and Roode if they are serious about them being the next super-team.

Aces and Eights drags on and it’s hard to see where non-wrestler Tazz fits into the mix.

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