The Sights of Worcester



There are many impressive sights around the city of Worcester, which sits proudly on the banks of the River Severn.

The Guildhall (pictured) is one of the main features of the City Centre and is renowned for its weekly sales and exhibitions. Originally built in 1227, the current structure dates back to 1722 and was sculptured by Thomas White, who was a pupil of Sir Christopher Wren.

White has carved statues of Queen Anne and both Charles I and Charles II (pictured) in the exterior.

One of the city’s most famous sons is composer Sir Edward Elgar, he of Land of Hope & Glory and £20 note fame and his statue (pictured) is at the entrance to the city centre, across from the cathedral and the city’s cenotaph (pictured) and memorial to those that lost their lives in the blitzing of Coventry in World War II (pictured).

Two hostelries sit on the bank of the Severn towards the racecourse end of the town, the Severn View Hotel and the Old Rectifying House (both pictured) and they are across from Worcestershire County Cricket Club (pictured).




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