charity-icon-circleMy career has taken me into the Third Sector (more commonly known as the voluntary sector) and through this I have become involved in a number of charitable activities, worked for and alongside some fantastic non-profit organisations and seen the positive impact that the work of charities can have on the lives of people.

I like to devote some of my time to charitable causes, many of them local, as these are organisations that struggle to draw down central funding and need all the extra support they can get to ensure they can carry on their important work in communities.

Some of the charities I actively support include:


Christian Action & Resource Enterprise is a charity located in North East Lincolnshire, dedicated to relieving poverty, hardship and distress… Read more CARE

Child Dynamix

Child Dynamix serves the communities of Hull, initially as part of the Hull Regeneration Scheme on the Preston Road Estate,… Read more Child Dynamix

Communities Together

Communities Together (more properly, North East Lincolnshire Communities Together for Racial Equality and Justice) is a charity which has the… Read more Communities Together

Harbour Place

Harbour Place Day Centre (HPDC) is a day centre for the homeless and other socially excluded groups. The overall aim… Read more Harbour Place

Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

Situated in a beautiful part of Lincolnshire, in countryside between the Wolds and the coast, LWR is only a short… Read more Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

Rotary Cleethorpes

The Rotary Club of Cleethorpes was formed in 1966 This is a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in carrying… Read more Rotary Cleethorpes


YMCA’s vision in England and Wales is of an inclusive Christian movement transforming communities so that all young people can… Read more YMCA



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