Phil Lynott – 30 Years On

musicTODAY marks 30 years since Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott passed away from pneumonia and heart failure from septicaemia, which was brought on by his heavy drug use.

He left behind not only a wife and two daughters but also a huge musical legacy from the Thin Lizzy hits through to his solo outings, collaborations with the brilliant guitarist Gary Moore and latterly the Grand Slam project.

Lynott also made one rather infamous appearance in Lincolnshire during the mid-80s.

The aforementioned Moore was getting married to Kerry Booth, daughter of then-Grimsby Town boss Dave Booth, whom he had met following a concert at Grimsby’s Central Hall.

North Thoresby’s St. Helen’s Church was where the pair decided to get married, meaning the great and good of rock music descended on the Lincolnshire village.

Amongst them was Thin Lizzy founder Lynott. The visit has become the stuff of legend within North East Lincolnshire, with numerous sightings.

The story suggests Lynott, sporting striped trousers and a straw boater, turned up late for the ceremony and had to get directions off the village residents.

In lieu of a disco at the reception, which was held at the Mill House in Covenham, the assembled throng of musicians picked up their instruments and delivered their own brand of entertainment.

Sadly, neither of these two fantastic rock stars are alive to recount the tale.

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